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Upon entering, you are transported to a retreat of your choice; a tropical island getaway, a night time desert oasis, or a lush bamboo forest.  If you are too busy for a full blown 2 week vacation, take a mini vacation at our spa, tailored specifically for you.  With the variety of services and themed rooms, your time here will be both tranquil and healthful.  From beginning to end, our dedicated spa team will ensure that your journey enhances your well-being.



Headache Relief Retreat (55 min): $90

The change in seasons  will have your sinus's like WHOA. Soothe them with this treatment using a  heavy concentration on the head, neck, chest, and shoulders. Throw in  some much need neck stretches and include our popular Sinus Soother  Enhancement and you'll be walking out clearer and ready to take on all  those after school activities. Oh yeah, you get our COLD AND FLU SHOWER  BUSTER FREE, so you can keep on feeling great!

Our Spiced Pumpkin Vichy is BACK!


Immerse yourself fully into this Fall-tastic treatment.  Start with water cascading over your body in warm streams of relaxation. Next, you’re exfoliated and massaged in pumpkin spice scrub: a treat that brings a glisten to the skin. Next, a melty massage envelops you with notes of Red Hot, guaranteed to make you smell fall baking.  Lastly, our Wine Down Serum, chalk full of antioxidants, is massaged into the face to leave you ready to face that cool breeze outside. 

Positively delicious.

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