Grab your passport, because we are traveling around Destination Massage. Complete these 6 tasks by July 31st, 2020, and WIN yourself an 85 min massage OF YOUR CHOICE!

Hot Stone Retreat in the Desert Oasis

Vichy Massage in the Beach Cabana

Destination Retreat in the Bamboo Grotto

Personal Training Session in the Shipshape Studio

Reflexology in the Lupine Meadow

Take home two products of your choice 

Don’t delay, or your destination retreat awaits, and will expire soon! Contest ends July 31st!

Seasonal Treatments


Chocolate Raspberry Vichy: $130

This Valentines, sink into this deliciously aromatic and soothing treatment to invigorate and detox tired muscles. A Chocolate Raspberry sugar and oil exfoliator clears away dead skin cells. This is followed by a delicious Red Hot oil, which is gently massaged into skin, providing deeply penetrating nourishing vitamins. A cascading rainfall of warm water brings a sweet finish to this treatment that will leave you completely relaxed and renewed. 


COUPLES Raspberry Truffle Delight Reflexology: $160

This truffle treatment begins with a skin smoothing Chocolate Raspberry exfoliation made with sugar and vitamin-rich  raspberry  extract.  Prepare  for  your  sweet cocooning! A dark chocolate, CoQ10 anti-aging mask is painted over  you  in  thick,  delicious  delight,  bringing  a  silky  feel  to  skin  and  helping fight off the damage from free radicals. Finally, a massage with Sweet Cream Body Milk lotion – so you can walk lightly through the rest of your lovely day.


Headache Relief Retreat: $90

HEADACHES??? Then try this STRESS-BUSTING fall treatment!

The change in seasons will have your sinus's like WHOA. Soothe them  with this treatment using a heavy concentration on the head, neck,  chest, and shoulders. Throw in some much need neck stretches and include  our popular Sinus Soother Enhancement and you'll be walking out clearer  and ready to take on all those after school activities. 


PRIVATE Couples Massage Training

How often does your partner say,  will you rub my back? And after 5 minutes, are you tired? Not sure what  to do? This Valentine's season, let us TEACH YOU!!

For the next few weeks, we are offering special private lessons to  couples who want to learn some of our skills! We will teach YOU the  strokes and techniques! You each can choose one of three options:
Neck and Shoulder, Full Back, or Hands and Feet

The one hour session includes 30  minutes per person.  A fun learning experience, with education that will  last forever! No more, why did you stop? Or, OW! That hurts!