Michael Wright - Licensed Massage Therapist/Personal Trainer

Michael is a Orchard Park native, graduated from New York Institute of Massage in 2012, and also has a Bachelor’s Degree in Exercise Physiology.  He specializes in medical massage, working primarily on neck and hip problems. However, don’t underestimate his ability to fully relax you, so be careful; you might be caught snoring! A kid at heart, Michael enjoys anything outdoors and of course, football!

Regina Mowry - Licensed Massage Therapist

If you are looking for great pressure, to get beaten up gloriously but still fall asleep doing it, then Regina is your girl. She graduated from New York Institute of Massage in 2012, and has been a very busy therapist ever since.  When she is not putting clients into pure bliss, Regina likes to workout, spend time outdoors, and travel.  If you want to work at Destination Massage, you have to have the travel bug!

Jennifer Keller - Licensed Massage Therapist

Jennifer is a licensed massage therapist, graduating from  the New York Institute of Massage in 2012.  She loves giving her clients therapeutic massage, and will spend enough time on your neck and  shoulders that you will feel yourself melting into the table. When she is not at the spa, Jennifer spends her time chasing around her two adorable little cherubs.

Sammie Feldman - Licensed Massage Therapist

Sammie is a Licensed Massage Therapist who graduated from the New York Institute of Massage in 2012. She loves providing prenatal care and working with mamas, but also enjoys those with other issues.  She will make sure you are armed with home care, so you know what stretches to do and products to use before your next session, to maximize comfort and minimize pain. In her off time, Sammie spends her days with her husband and baby girl.

Karen Roth -Owner/LMT/CPT


Wouldn't it be convenient if there were a tropical beach right around the corner? What if I could go down the street and find the serenity of lying in a bamboo thicket, staring up at the glistening leaves of the canopy? I would love to be able to see a clear view of the stars in the desert anytime I want. Did you know that you have a neighbor that can
provide all that and more?   

When I was young, Mom used to take me to get massages. You see, my mother has always loved to travel and be pampered, and I was lucky enough to join her. We enjoyed massages all over the world, facials on cruise ships, and pedicures during shopping trips. I remember the first  time we went to a high end spa, I was just awestruck by the décor; and on top of that, during my massage, I thought to myself…"This feels SO  GOOD, why doesn’t everyone do this?!" I definitely caught the vacation bug from my mother and she planted the day spa seed early on.

That seed germinated while I attended college. I studied the inner workings of the human body. It was there I realized there are so many physical and mental benefits in the health and wellness field more than just “feeling good.” I hadn’t made it to massage school yet; there was marriage and babies to attend to first! After our sons Liam and Tristan were born, I knew it was time. Even then, five years ago, I had the details of the spa in my mind. It would be destination-themed because I love to vacation, and I truly believe people don't do it enough. After finishing massage school, I got to work nurturing the  seedling.  
When building the spa, I incorporated an atmosphere of being somewhere else. Buffalo is incredible but at times can be such a dreary place, so even just an hour of feeling like you're at the beach can make a difference in your life. With the help of my amazingly talented husband, I put everything I had into making the spa stunning, including handpicking every light and every tile. But it wasn't just about ambiance. I put even more focus on personnel. What good is the coolest atmosphere around if I didn't staff it with the best professionals I could find in WNY?   

After 20 years of dreaming, a wonderful husband, four children, and a lot of hard work, I finally can say my dreams are in full bloom. The final product is "Destination Massage".